Love a plenty.

Oklahoma July Announcement-1

This is beautiful RDV Vineyards, by the way.  Shot on a Contax645 on Fuji400h and processed by Richard Photo Lab.

Handsome.  So handsome!  I was so happy to work with Corey and Ambrose at their beautiful, intimate wedding in Washington, DC.














I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful blossoms this year and I needed a brave soul!  Many thanks to Serena for modeling this shoot for me and the Jessie Thiel for her beautiful hair and makeup work.  Enjoy!

All photographs shot with a Contax645 on Fuji400h and processed by Richard Photo Lab.


HannahColclazierPhotography.CherryBlossomBoudoir-1-2 HannahColclazierPhotography.CBB.6 HannahColclazierPhotography.CBB.3 HannahColclazierPhotography.CBB.2

HannahColclazierPhotography.CherryBlossomBoudoir-2-3HannahColclazierPhotography.CBB.5 HannahColclazierPhotography.CBB.1

Loving the film I got back from this session!  Here is a little teaser!


April 22, 2014


April 18, 2014

On the Speaker’s Balcony at the U.S. Capitol with Sarah and Billy


Shot on a Contax645 with Fuji400 and processed by Richard Photo Lab

April 16, 2014

Hey there!  Check out Frenchie’s Kickstarter Campaign!

She is AMAZING!!!


Shot on a Contax 645 with Fuji400 and processed by Richard Photo Lab.

April 14, 2014

Here’s a little Miami on film for you on this lovely Monday morning!


Language for 2014 Engagement Contest Winner


In honor of love and Valentine’s Day, Hannah Colclazier Photography is going to offer one free Washington DC engagement shoot to the most deserving couple!

All you have to do is “Like” Hannah Colclazier Photography’s Facebook Page and then comment on THIS post and say why you (or someone you know) deserve to have your photos taken.

The winner will be announced on February 28th so make sure you get the word out!

We can’t wait to hear your story!

HannahColclazierPhotography.ToddandIeva.2013.30Here are last year’s winners!

  • Taryn Weisbrod says:

    We would LOVE to have the opportunity for the infamous Hannah to shoot our engagement photos! We’ve admired your work with Matt(Stewart) and Marissa and the now Barnhurst family, both beautiful couples and great friends of ours. We know that you would be perfect at capturing our love in your photos!

  • Iris says:

    Hannah, I was just introduced to your site by a friend yesterday, and I’m so glad she shared you with me! My fiance and I would love to have you take our engagement photos! He proposed to me in the Jefferson Memorial right at TJ’s toes! Looking at the photos you’ve taken, I know you could capture such beauty in that alone, but we also both love playing golf (it’s how we met), and I’m already excited thinking about what you could do on a golf course! We are hoping to get enough great shots to use as a save the date as well as a photo guestbook. Once again, looking at your work, I have no doubt we’d have more than enough!

  • Maya L says:

    Jen Bryan sent us this info! We would absolutely love to do a special DC engagement photo package that captures our relationship. Steve and I met through mutual friends after many years of not being interested in anyone. Both of us somehow knew soon on that there was something different this time. I told him he felt like home, and when my family in Cali met him they said it felt like they had known him for years. Steve also took me to meet his family and they embraced me immediately – I had not known what it was like to share DC with a family and a partner until I met Steve! We both feel so lucky and would love to share more of our story with you. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kara Todd says:

    Congratulations on your recent engagement! I’ve loved your photos and seen some of your engagement shoots that you did for my fellow Section 3 members.
    My fiance, Graham, and I met five and a half years ago as we were both summer camp counselors in the Pocono Mountains. He is Scottish so we continued our relationship long-distance until he moved to DC this past July. We would love to have photos taken together in the first place we could both call home.

  • Matisha Montgomery says:

    Hannah! My wedding planner Elizabeth Duncan shared your work and nice easygoing style with us. My fiancé Tim and I are in desperate need of a picture where both of us look good together. We are among those really special but challenged people who have never gotten our act together in a photo. After 8 years together it’s starting to look pathetic. We would love for you to work your magic on us and show us how it’s done! Whomever you choose will be lucky to have your eye. Have fun and many thanks!

  • Kira says:

    We started dating almost 6.5 years ago. I (and some of our close friends and family) started hinting about getting engaged about three years ago. I resolved to be patient, and as time went by, I stopped anticipating a proposal during romantic moments. Life got busy, and Valentine’s Day 2014 found us on our first vacation in over two years. For the low price of sitting through a timeshare presentation, we had an ocean-view room right on the beach. I suspected nothing. After the timeshare presentation, we were exhausted and laid down to take a nap. We awoke hours later just in time to see the full moon rising up out of the ocean. We sat there admiring the moon and the ocean, reflecting on our day. Chris patiently listened to me complain about the irony of us discussing purchasing a lifetime of vacations together when we could not even discuss our own relationship. After redirecting my attention back to the beauty of the moon and the ocean, he said to me, “I want to vacation with you for the next 40 years.” My snarky self continued to try to ruin the moment by replying, “Well, you know how to make that happen, right?” He whispered something along the lines of “mmhmm” while slowly sliding a round object onto my left ring finger. “Wait. What?! Really?!?” “Kira, will you marry me?” “Yes!”

  • Vanessa Schutz says:

    Hello Hannah! I came across your page and talented work via my colleague, Emily Baird. I got engaged a month ago, and have been in Emily’s office most days talking through the process of finding a wedding venue. I’m not driving them crazy at all… ;) While the venue search is starting to stress us out a bit, the part I am most looking forward to is figuring out photography for our wedding. I am that person that my friends are either excited or terrified when they see a Facebook notification that I tagged them in a photo because I take my digital camera with me most places. I’m known as the amateur photographer in my group of friends (not by skill, but by the amount of photos I take), and I’m really looking forward to being on the other side of the camera for a change. The thought of engagement photos excites me so much in this planning process because I love my fiancé, Neal, so much (I know, what bride getting married doesn’t say that?!), and I’d love to see your artful work capture that expressive love as a selfie maybe never could. Neal and I met in a DC bocce league, so if we do engagement photos with you, we may have to pull out the bocce set and challenge you to a game. Thanks for your consideration, and best wishes!

  • Mary Yang says:

    Hi Hannah! I think my fiance deserves it! He surprised me and proposed to me this past October with all our church friends!! He actually carried out a flash mob dance in public in Fairfax Corner!!!! (I didn’t know this, but he actually got together with his friends and practiced for 2-3 months while I thought he was always gone to play basketball with his buddies!) He BLEW ME AWAY!!! I never would have thought he can pull something like this!!! He is the most deserving and humble person and I think he deserves the BEST! I would LOVE to be able to gift this for him!! Thank you for all our family and friends that was part of our proposal! Please watch the proposal on youtube!!! Here is the link: (you might need to cut and paste on a new window) But you can search “Fairfax Corner proposal” on youtube and we’re right there! =) Love, Mary & Allen!!

  • Mary Yang says:

    Thank you!

  • Michelle Parks says:

    Hi Hannah – Here’s our story! Chris and I met at orientation for the University of Maryland and instantly connected. We spent the night wandering around campus and talking with our feet in the fountain in the heart of campus, and even spent a few hours looking for his lost room key (little did I know that I would spend the rest of my life helping my somewhat-absentminded fiancé look for lost items). I should’ve known the universe had plans for us when we were randomly placed on the same hall in the same dorm when school started just a few weeks later. We became fast friends but nothing more for a few months, and he even encouraged me to get out there and meet new people after a rough breakup with my high school sweetheart first semester (typical story, I know). Other people weren’t on my mind, however, and 2 days before Christmas 2007, Chris officially asked me to go steady, and the rest has been history. We love podcasts, dark dramas, exploring cities, foosball, farmers’ markets and food trucks, cooking homemade pasta, eating at new restaurants, running along the Schuykill in the heart of Philadelphia, geocaching, and craft beer, just to name a few. We spent a semester abroad together, traveling to over 30 different places, and have lived in 3 cities since we’ve been together, but have tamed our wanderlust (for now) to settle in Philly. We knew we’d be together forever from the very beginning, but were never in a super huge rush to tie the knot. So in December, when Chris completely surprised me with an incredibly heartfelt and personal proposal, it was so unexpected I could only manage to say, “Are you serious? Really?” over and over before he reminded me that I should probably say yes. Our tentative initial plan for a 2015 wedding went out the window after we got some serious news from Johns Hopkins about Chris’ mom, who has been battling brain cancer for nearly five years, and we’ve jumped full force into planning for a June 2014 wedding instead – all while working crazy consulting hours and buying our first place together at the same time – guess we’re just gluttons for punishment! Anyway, this long rambling story is all to say that while we’d LOVE to splurge on engagement photos, my ever-practical fiancé has reminded me that it may not be the most prudent move, given the whole paying-for-our-own-wedding-while-buying-a-house budget thing. We absolutely love your work, and would really love to have our engagement session done by you!! Thanks for considering us! :)

  • Hannah is one superrad photographer. I’d love for her to take photos of my breathtaking fiance… but lets be real, Michelle Parks has this contest all locked up…