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April 18, 2014

On the Speaker’s Balcony at the U.S. Capitol with Sarah and Billy


Shot on a Contax645 with Fuji400 and processed by Richard Photo Lab

April 16, 2014

Hey there!  Check out Frenchie’s Kickstarter Campaign!

She is AMAZING!!!


Shot on a Contax 645 with Fuji400 and processed by Richard Photo Lab.


In honor of love and Valentine’s Day, Hannah Colclazier Photography is going to offer one free Washington DC engagement shoot to the most deserving couple!

All you have to do is “Like” Hannah Colclazier Photography’s Facebook Page and then comment on THIS post and say why you (or someone you know) deserve to have your photos taken.

The winner will be announced on February 28th so make sure you get the word out!

We can’t wait to hear your story!

HannahColclazierPhotography.ToddandIeva.2013.30Here are last year’s winners!

  • Michelle Parks says:

    Hi Hannah – Here’s our story! Chris and I met at orientation for the University of Maryland and instantly connected. We spent the night wandering around campus and talking with our feet in the fountain in the heart of campus, and even spent a few hours looking for his lost room key (little did I know that I would spend the rest of my life helping my somewhat-absentminded fiancé look for lost items). I should’ve known the universe had plans for us when we were randomly placed on the same hall in the same dorm when school started just a few weeks later. We became fast friends but nothing more for a few months, and he even encouraged me to get out there and meet new people after a rough breakup with my high school sweetheart first semester (typical story, I know). Other people weren’t on my mind, however, and 2 days before Christmas 2007, Chris officially asked me to go steady, and the rest has been history. We love podcasts, dark dramas, exploring cities, foosball, farmers’ markets and food trucks, cooking homemade pasta, eating at new restaurants, running along the Schuykill in the heart of Philadelphia, geocaching, and craft beer, just to name a few. We spent a semester abroad together, traveling to over 30 different places, and have lived in 3 cities since we’ve been together, but have tamed our wanderlust (for now) to settle in Philly. We knew we’d be together forever from the very beginning, but were never in a super huge rush to tie the knot. So in December, when Chris completely surprised me with an incredibly heartfelt and personal proposal, it was so unexpected I could only manage to say, “Are you serious? Really?” over and over before he reminded me that I should probably say yes. Our tentative initial plan for a 2015 wedding went out the window after we got some serious news from Johns Hopkins about Chris’ mom, who has been battling brain cancer for nearly five years, and we’ve jumped full force into planning for a June 2014 wedding instead – all while working crazy consulting hours and buying our first place together at the same time – guess we’re just gluttons for punishment! Anyway, this long rambling story is all to say that while we’d LOVE to splurge on engagement photos, my ever-practical fiancé has reminded me that it may not be the most prudent move, given the whole paying-for-our-own-wedding-while-buying-a-house budget thing. We absolutely love your work, and would really love to have our engagement session done by you!! Thanks for considering us! :)

  • Hannah is one superrad photographer. I’d love for her to take photos of my breathtaking fiance… but lets be real, Michelle Parks has this contest all locked up…

Have you seen Food and Wine Magazine‘s latest issue?  They have a great piece on Erik Bruner-Yang of Toki Underground and his collection of spoons!  I was so excited to be able to shoot this with them and see their amazing restaurant!  Go check it out!









Beautiful inside and out, I can’t wait to share more of these photos!




























March 18, 2011

On our way driving back from a family trip in Dallas, TX, I told my dad I wanted to shoot at an old abandoned building I had seen on the side of the road.  Instead of driving by or just slowing down, he decided to stop so we could all check it out.  I love how he takes time to do little things like that.  It was a 15 minute detour, but it meant a lot to me.  This is a snapshot I took while inside that I really liked.  We didn’t stay long because my brother was convinced there was a hobo living inside (which there very well may have been) but I’ll be back!