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Greetings!!!  I hope you are enjoying this lovely Monday morning!  I am so thrilled to be teaming up with Wedding Paper Divas on some really wonderful Save the Date options!

Oh!  and did I mention that I recently got engaged!?  Hannah Colclazier Photography will be slowly transitioning to Hannah Hudson Photography…it has a nice ring to it, huh?

Wedding Paper Divas has Save the Date cards, magnets, and post cards and here are our top three!  But the real question is, which one is your favorite?!  Leave me a note in the comment section and then hop on over to Wedding Paper Divas to find yours!


Post-Card – I just love this simple design!  And I think it will go with the overall feel of our wedding.  See more post card options here!

1 (1)


Card – This is so simple and so lovely!  See more card options here!



Magnet – Okay, okay….I know this has a photo of California on it, but many of you who know me know that I am sucker for Oklahoma shaped things!  So I think this would be a great fit once it’s customized for the good ole’ OK!  See more magnets here!

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So what’s it going to be?!

You guys, I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to share these photos, especially today.  I was part of such an amazing team and feel so lucky to know them all!  Please enjoy the following brought to you by Waverly Road Events, Morais VineyardsPetals and Hedges, Emily Baird Design, Alison Harper & Co, Savory Gourmet, Cake I Do, and  Capitol Decor and Events.  Also many thanks to our brides, Mary Celeste and Sera Fernon!








































January 1, 2013

My number one New Years Resolution is to BLOG MORE!!!  Looking forward to sharing with you all!

Hannah Colclazier Photography featured in the “They Know Weddings” section of Washingtonian Bride and Groom Magazine!

June 18, 2012

So excited to be featured in the first edition of Edible DC!  You can check out other Edible Communities here.  Grassential Farm is wonderful and I hope you all get to check them out!

Grassential Farm in Potomac Maryland is a dream.  Where else can you go right out of DC and have an entourage of goats follow you around all day?  We learned so much in our short amount of time there and can’t wait to go back again and pick up some more fresh eggs or produce!

This is Matt.  He owns and operates Grassentials!  Please excuse his Texas hat…

Beautiful farm fresh eggs!  Now this is what eggs are supposed to look like!

Notice the difference in color between a store bought chicken egg and a farm fresh egg!  So rich!  The egg on the right is a duck egg!

This is Morty.  SHE is the resident farm duck!

My lovely assistant, Leslie!  Couldn’t have done it without her!

I spy….

The whole team!

King of the castle.

Berkshire pigs.  Bigger in person that you can even imagine.  They like to get up close and personal!

April 21, 2012

Last year I did a piece for the Oklahoma Gazette on local record stores called “Hot Wax”.  In honor of Record Store Day, I wanted to share some of these photos.  If you haven’t already, get out to a record store and celebrate!

(If you want to read the original piece, you can find it here!)

Charlie’s Records: 5114 Classen Circle,  Oklahoma City


Alley Records: 918 1/2 W. Britton, Oklahoma City


Size Records: 8915 N. Western, Oklahoma City


Guestroom Records: 3701 N. Western, Oklahoma City


In Memory of Ray at Happy Days Records:

What a beautiful wedding and recently featured on Style Me Pretty!

  • Janie R says:

    Hannah: Your wedding photos make me feel like I was actually there and that I know the couple and their families and friends. You’re not only a talented photographer, but a great visual story-teller as well. Every wedding should be blessed in having you capture their story with your camera. As always, beautiful work!

  • Wow! So many beautiful details. Hannah, you really captured the day so well. Amazing job!

  • Ken L says:

    I’ve never seen so many details. Great work Hannah! My favorite shot is that last portrait on the dock, it’s perfect. Love that sunset sky too!

A few months ago I did some photos of record stores around Oklahoma City.  A local news outlet just picked up some of my photos for their piece on Charlie’s Records!  You can read the whole thing here.


Charlie’s Records: One Nation Under A Groove

By Staff | January 12, 2012 | 1 Comment | Filed under: MUSICOTHER
Charlie Nicholson stands in front of his store off 50th and Classen Circle. Photo by: Hannah Colclazier Photography.

I may have a new favorite record store. Scratch that; I have a new favorite record store. Actually, I have a new favorite store. Or, I have a new favorite store besides Second Chance Books and Comics, which I visit probably between 1 and 3 times a week. (I like to think of it as my own personal Cheers. I’m not quite Norm yet…maybe Cliff Clavin, or more likely Frasier).

I have seen the future of my next obsession on which I will spend too much money: buying albums on vinyl that I most probably already have on CD and cassette tape.

Charlie’s Jazz-Rhythm & Blues Records, owned by Charlie Nicholson is located at 5114 Classen Circle, just a stone’s throw from the 51st St. Speakeasy. If you haven’t been to Charlie’s, you’ve been doing yourself a disservice. It’s located close enough to OCU that I felt an incredible sadness when I entered the store yesterday, because I didn’t know such an amazing store that caters to at least 85% of my musical tastes was so close. I spent three long semesters as a music performance major at OCU, during which I went through an almost pathological obsession with jazz, fusion, funk and soul from the ’60′s and ’70′s.

I didn’t have any cash on me yesterday when fellow OKC.NET editor Helen Grant and I went to Charlie’s, which may have been a good thing. I was frothing at the mouth when I saw their collection of records. I was so excited about the store, I went home and played guitar for around two hours, something that has grown increasingly rare in the last few years. You see, I learned to hate music in music school, and have barely played guitar since I left OCU for OU.

I can’t wait to go back to Charlie’s, hopefully with both cash and a healthy level of restraint. Listening to Charlie philosophize on the joy, community, and karma music can bring, and excitingly discussing Jaco Pastorius and Marcus Miller with Charlie’s colleague Rusty Moye made me feel something I haven’t truly felt in a long time. It made me nostalgic for the days when I would listen to music for hours at a time in my room at my parents’ house, reveling in Miles, Coltrane, Mingus, and Herbie Hancock, loving their licks, riffs, hotness, coolness, their inside jams, their outside jams, and everything in between. Charlie’s may become much more than a record store to me; like the protagonist in Gladys Knight’s transcendent classic Midnight Train to Georgia, I feel like I’m going back to find a simpler place and time. Today is the first day in a long time I can honestly say this since before I started music school: I love music.

Go visit Charlie’s Blues, Jazz, and R&B at 5114 N. Classen. His store is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm to 7pm. They’re closed Sunday and Monday. For more information call the store at: 405-879-2240.


As we hit the road at 6am, I am thinking back on the amazing time I had in Oklahoma.  I learned so much thanks to Aaron Snow and Carl Zoch and I couldn’t be more thankful.  I will miss everyone but know that wonderful things are ahead!


Love a plenty,